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"One-Day Seminar is hilarious!  It's clever, well thought out and dead-on...much funnier than most episodes of a half-hour comedy series.


"One-Day Seminar employs a sly sense of
humor to skewer a world that takes itself too seriously. And, unlike most seminars that I have been to, it is time well spent."


"...I just have to have respect for a man who creates a vision like One-Day Seminar... director Binder kept me in near stitches"



"I can guarantee you will laugh out loud during some of the scenes"

"...if you get a chance to check it out, it's definitely worth a look"


"One Day Seminar is a film that is
well worth checking out"

"One-Day Seminar is a promising effort"


" all around worthy example of possible potential"

Benson Mountebank is the top-rated seminar speaker at the The Tryan Learn Institute, where the motto is Real Seminars for Real People. This short movie chronicles a day in the life of Benson as he checks into his hotel, gets ready in his room and teaches a one-day seminar on Succeeding as a First Time Manager.

As the seminar ensues, we (along with the seminar attendees) bear witness to Benson's inability to put together a coherent thought. Is Benson really that inept or is there actual meaning behind his seemingly worthless advice and pointless activities? The only way to find out is to take a candid peek at a day in the life of Benson Mountebank, professional seminar speaker.

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