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Martin is passionate about movies and always had a burning desire to make his own.  After almost 10 years of working in the software industry, it was time to pursue the dream.  In 2004, armed with "The Filmmaker’s Handbook" (borrowed from his sister-in-law, a TV/Film major), he created a proof-of-concept short movie titled "Hellmo", and followed it up with a 22 minute mockumentary for his day-job in 2005.

After attending a couple of management seminars, he conceived and wrote a script over the course of several months for a short movie called One-Day Seminar.  After almost a year of working only a few hours a night on every aspect of the production, One-Day Seminar has finally arrived.  Martin fills the other hours of the day working as a Technical Lead Programmer at a software company and spending time with his lovely wife and three beautiful daughters.

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