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EZLeaves is a FREE application that allows to quickly and easily generate custom festival laurel leaf images.  Features include:
  • Choose from four different laurel leaf styles
  • Use any system-defined font
  • Export to JPG, BMP or GIF with custom quality and transparency (GIF only) settings
  • Export to custom sized images
  • Save and load image templates for later use
  • Define up to 10 lines of custom text
  • Full control over the height and font settings of each line, or you can use one font and color for all lines

EZLeaves runs on Windows and requires at least 1024x768 desktop resolution. 

Click Here to Download (Version 1.2 - 4.4 MB)

If you have any questions or comments about EZLeaves, or would like to be notified when EZLeaves has been updated, send an e-mail to

Click here for a tutorial on using EZLeaves

EZLeaves is free.  If you feel compelled to make a donation, click on the donate image below to help support my current movie project Quick Shop.  Thanks!

If you still feel the need to do a good deed, please watch my short movie One-Day Seminar on IMDB, then go to my IMDB page and rate it.  Thanks!

Attention Mac developers!  I would love for EZLeaves to be available on the Mac, but I need someone to port the code over for me (written in CodeGear's Delphi).  Up to the task?  Send me an e-mail.

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